Calm, Connected & Powerful: 3 Fundamental Shifts you Need to Thrive

There are 3 fundamental shifts you need to make to emerge from this global pandemic feeling calm, connected, and powerful.

Hi, I’m James Mayfield-Smith. I’m a Somatic BreakThrough Facilitator. I use body-based wisdom tools to facilitate powerful, emotionally nourishing BreakThrough moments in the lives of my clients. 

 And yes, I’m talking about those earth-shattering, life-changing, bawling your eyes out, come to Goddess moments that re-define who we are at depth. That’s the sandbox I play in.

 I lead people through structured processes that create profound, positive shifts in their lives.

I guide clients through a series of Somatic BreakThrough Journeys that hone in on the most fundamental inner conflicts within you. I guide you thorough a process to heal the social conditioning of your culture, the emotional wounds of your childhood, and the traumas stored in your central nervous system. This process fundamentally rearranges the...

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