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If you are already prone to feeling anxious or interacting in fearful ways...

If your happiness depends on your circumstances...

If you grew up feeling disconnected from others and not really having a sense of belonging in a family or a community...

If you feel STUCK in old patterns or don't know how to find clarity that leads to confident action...

Then these stressful, groundless times are likely to activate these core human issues.

Most of us live with hard-to-reach, hurt feelings from our past. These unconscious negative emotions drive the problems we create in our lives. The very young ways of being we develop in our early life continue to haunt us just beneath our conscious awareness, until we choose to discover and repattern these energies.

The traumatic or neglectful experiences from childhood get lodged in your body. They are relived within your central nervous system at times of high stress. When a situation triggers past fears, nerve bundles clustered in the area of the lodged trauma get activated, causing us to feel the old emotions again. These are feelings we naturally try to avoid. This avoidance of feeling specific sensations drives many of our sabotage behaviors. Getting to these energies in order to work with them in an effective, transformative way is a primary goal of the work I do.

For most people, the unusual stressors of the pandemic cause their core wounds energies to be more available now than usual. These dynamics are the very issues that keep you most stuck. The ones that are currently up are likely more available than ever to be healed, if you choose such a path.

Healing happens when you are supported to hold your experience of your senses, the meaning you make of the sensations, your precious inner life, and your conscious awareness in new and different ways.

My life history and personal initiations make me ideally suited to this work. I hae experienced and moved through:

- Physical and emotional abuse prior to age 3

- Neglect & abandonment dynamics in my early childhood

- Low attachment to mother or adoptive father

- High degree of insecurity

-Lack of interpersonal skills

- Low nonverbal communication skills, spatial awareness, and embodiment 

- Teen pregnancy, marriage in high school, and physical and emotional abuse from young wife 

Now, after healing these issues enough, I get to teach artists, healers, entrepreneurs, and change agents how to transform their lives using BreakThrough Tools.

These BreakThroughs FUNdamentally SHIFT how we experience our own felt-sense presence of ourselves. We begin to perceive our circumstances, our emotions, and our meaning-making in entirely new ways. From this perch, problems disappear and solutions show up in their place.

Life is lived from the inside-out. When we re-pattern our central nervous system from a place of deep playfulness and joy, new possibilities emerge.

We find the internal safety we long for and a deep sense of security and trust becomes available.

We find our inner connection to ourselves through somatic-based inner dialogue tools and then we begin to feel at ease and available for connection to others. 

NOW is the best time to do your inner work. You can choose your medicine...I recommend playful, gentle inner work that is highly transformative. The Pandemic BreakThrough Tools Checklist will give you the skills to bring fast relief and lasting change to your experience of this epic moment in human history. 

You see, true Transformation always requires a BreakThrough Moment. Once you learn how to consistently cultivate BreakThrough Moments, then you will never stay stuck again! 

To learn how to cultivate your next BreakThrough Moment, simply download my free Pandemic BreakThrough Tools Checklist & Strategy Toolkit.

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What clients are saying...

"James is an incredible coach!"

Dr. Jill Strom DC CACCP FASA
Author of The Cura Convergence: Healing Through Science and Spirit

"I am experiencing a lightness and a freedom I could barely imagine 18 months ago. James' gifted guidance has been a blessing."

Jenni StarShine Joerger
Artist / Writer / Activist for Survivors of Domestic Violence

"I’ve gotten great results with James as my coach. When we did somatic voice dialogue work, I noticed immediately that the pressure and weight I’ve carried in my neck was gone. It stayed gone and still hasn’t returned."

Dr. Zac Lyons
Chiropractor and Sacred Touch Body Shaman at Mantic Wisdom Holistic Healing

"James’ skills help people to really sink in to find out what’s true for them and where their power lies."

Jeff Aicken

"I’m really good at being feminine and creative, but my ability to finish projects needed some work. Working with my masculine energy helped me learn how to get things done in the world."

Dr. Adina Ariana Love
Lifestyle Pharmacist

"“I’m definitely feeling more at peace with my life and I’m definitely on the other side of the trauma.”"

Russ Greco
Founder & President at IMEDIADIRECT

I'm James Mayfield Smith. I'm a Somatic BreakThrough Facilitator.

I utilize somatic, or body-centered tools, along with a wide array of cutting-edge psychodynamic, mythic, imaginal, shamanic, and bio-energetic tools and structured processes that get you connected to your deep inner wisdom.

My online courses, BreakThrough Circles, live events, and web-based individual BreakThrough Facilitation all have one cultivate the inner BreakThroughs you need to manage emotions & anxiety, transform your relationships, and accomplish your that you can live your gifts more fully in the world.

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