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When you feel STUCK, cultivating a BreakThrough Moment is the fastest way to get UNSTUCK!


My name is James Mayfield Smith. I've used Somatic BreakThrough Tools to facilitate thousands of life-changing BreakThrough Moments.


BreakThrough Tools help you to:

  • Get Unstuck

  • Manage Anxiety and Overwhelm

  • Feel Connected to Yourself and Others

  • Find Your Power

  • Break a Pattern or Transform a Dynamic

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"James is an incredible coach!"

Dr. Jill Strom DC CACCP FASA
Author of The Cura Convergence: Healing Through Science and Spirit

"I am experiencing a lightness and a freedom I could barely imagine 18 months ago. James' gifted guidance has been a blessing."

Jenni StarShine Joerger
Artist / Writer / Activist for Survivors of Domestic Violence

"I’ve gotten great results with James as my coach. When we did somatic voice dialogue work, I noticed immediately that the pressure and weight I’ve carried in my neck was gone. It stayed gone and still hasn’t returned."

Dr. Zac Lyons
Chiropractor and Sacred Touch Body Shaman at Mantic Wisdom Holistic Healing

"James’ skills help people to really sink in to find out what’s true for them and where their power lies."

Jeff Aicken

"I’m really good at being feminine and creative, but my ability to finish projects needed some work. Working with my masculine energy helped me learn how to get things done in the world."

Dr. Adina Ariana Love
Lifestyle Pharmacist

"“I’m definitely feeling more at peace with my life and I’m definitely on the other side of the trauma.”"

Russ Greco
Founder & President at IMEDIADIRECT

The Secret to Rapid Transformation is the BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT

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BreakThrough Moments create NEW POSSIBILITIES

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BreakThrough Moments bring RESULTS

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Inner Child BreakThrough Guided Journey

WHY Is This Work So Effective? As children, we all made decisions about ourselves and the world while still very...

Recover Joy and Wonder

Wildman BreakThrough Journey

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Evolve with Us

BreakThrough Tools Empowerment Journey: 7 Weeks to a Life of New Possibilities

Are You Open to a BreakThrough? You know that more is possible for you, but find that your life-long patterns contin...

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BreakThrough Circle Silver Level Membership Program

$147.00 USD every month

This is my most economical package. I created the Silver Level Membership program for clients who are highly motivate...

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Join us in Ireland SUMMER 2019!

Celtic BreakThrough Adventure:

A Journey into the Wildest Places of West Ireland

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An Adventure of Story, Myth, and Magic into this magical beauty...


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