We are a vibrant community of healers, leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents who actively cultivate BreakThrough moments. These BreakThrough Moments shift possibility in exciting ways, allowing us to begin to share our gifts more fully with the world.

And I'm James Mayfield Smith. I'm a Somatic BreakThrough Facilitator and your guide for our BreakThrough Circle and BreakThrough Circle Journeys. 

I am very passionate about BreakThrough work. Some might call it an obsession. I know that these tools can transform lives. I've seen it over and over again with my clients and in my own life.

For the past 30 years, I've intensely studied personal transformation. For the past 15 years, I've facilitated inner work for thousands of people as facilitator of 48 transformation-focused retreats, 8 online courses, and thousands of private sessions. I've helped my clients to cultivate over a thousand BreakThrough Moments.

As a Somatic BreakThrough Facilitator, I guide you through structured processes that cultivate inner dialogue and foster BreakThrough Moments. These moments have the potential to transform what is possible in your life.

I also train you to use somatic (body-centered) tools that reliably increase your consciousness.

These include attunement tools to locate what we're feeling and more closely discern what's happening in the body.

Then we use presencing tools to become more present to the moment.

I guide you to relax more into your felt sense of the present moment. You report back your findings, and then I ask you questions that help you locate the sensations in your body and to discover new information about your experience of reality. We then use a structure to listen to whatever is most present in a deeper way.

The Somatic BreakThrough Dialogue process allows you to get messages from your unconscious..messages that you feel deep in your bones to be true. This clarity provides a firm foundation for your direction and from which to nurture your next BreakThrough. I provide my unique genius for facilitating you to listen to your own unconscious clues more carefully.

This work increases alignment in the major areas of your life.

It frees up valuable energy from our unconscious sabotage behaviors that we can now put towards other goals.

It can heal our core wounds...our anxiety, our overwhelm, the ways we disconnect, the ways we give away our power...and help us align our soul and our spirit in this lifetime.

Sharing this work is one of the primary ways that I live my mission in the world.

- James


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