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Why NOW is the very best time for deep inner work...

Do you feel Anxious, Unhappy, Disconnected, or Stuck?

Your nervous system is under alot of pressure right now. 

The stressors of the coronavirus pandemic, health concerns, political unrest, and the generalized uncertainty of our times have harmful effects on your central nervous system and your emotional well-being.  

These stressors cause your core wound energies to rattle, leading to frequent triggers and moments of emotional upset. 

That's bad news for your relationships and your emotional comfort, but it's really good news for your evolutionary development.

Let me explain...

You see, these emotional and energetic dynamics that are up for you right now are closely connected to the very issues that keep you most stuck in your life. These energies are highly specific to you! Your past experiences, your fears, and your unmet need are the dynamics at play here.

The great news is that a rattled nervous system and emotional intensity present an ideal opportunity for laser-precision inner work.

Active energies are always more available for transformational healing...and a good somatic BreakThrough Coach can help you zero in on the root following the specific sensations and emotions present in your body and guiding you to gain subtle, yet valuable information from them...and then facilitating you into a structured process to release, shift, or transform the dynamic. The more active the energy, the easier it is to transform it at depth.

You may have experienced something like this before, during a painful breakup that sends you reeling, with core issue of rejection, abandonment, and self-worth that flare up for a short time. A few months down the road and these energies won't be as available to you. You'll have to wait until the next big fight or painful circumstance for these deep core wounds to surface again.

This is why all the experts say to take some time alone after a breakup or even better, to find a good therapist for some healing work before jumping into a new relationship. Otherwise, you miss the opportunity for the inner work that helps you avoid the same mistakes next time. Doing this work while the energies are active brings the greatest results...and offers entirely new possibilities for your future.

Don't waste your pandemic opportunity bingeing on Netflix!

Avoid the Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder that is coming for many people. Address the fear, anxiety, disconnection, and disempowerment that are showing up in your life. Prepare for Post-Pandemic Growth NOW!

I can show you how...

Schedule a free 25 minute "Clarify Your Next BreakThrough" Phone Call!

You'll leave with a map for your growth. No pushy sales tactics or pressure...just good listening and highly-efffective BreakThrough tools, tailored to your needs.

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