A Free Mini-Course for Sensitive Healers

whose mission of service is negatively impacted by

Anxiety - Overwhelm - Fatigue - People-Pleasing - Playing Small

& who are ready to reclaim your

CALM, your POWER & your FUN!

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Sensitive healers have UNIQUE NEEDS that must be met in order to bring our gifts fully into the world. Often, these needs go unmet due to:

  • Childhood conditioning

  • Shame about the level of self-care required

  •  The demands of a life that is too busy or too extroverted for a sensitive nervous system.

It is possible to thrive as a sensitive healer. It simply requires a set of tools that really works and a COMMUNITY that understands your unique needs. These are essential for you to blossom into your possibility.

Join us for this FREE 60 min training designed for Sensitive Healers who are ready to optimize your nervous system for the kind of life you dream of…where you feel

  • Calm and at ease in your body

  • Confident in your choices,

  • Deeply connected to your purpose

  • Full of energy and joy 

You'll learn how to live your life without giving away your POWER to maintain CONNECTION with extroverts and an insensitive world.

You'll leave with a PLAYBOOK for nurturing the specific BreakThroughs you need to:

  • Move through your triggers,

  • Create  EMOTIONAL HEALING & feelings of connection within you

  • Cultivate feelings of authentic POWER in your body

...All within a fantastic community of HEART-CENTERED professionals. 

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This FREE Mini-Course for Sensitive Healers

who experience

Anxiety - Overwhelm - Fatigue - People-Pleasing - Playing Small

& who are ready to reclaim

your CALM, your POWER & your FUN!

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