Am I the man I want to be? A Question, an Answer, and an Invitation...

Am I the man I want to be?

This is an important question to ask, because being a man at this time in history can be a confusing experience. 

Are men supposed to be strong and courageous?

Or kind and gentle? 

Is speaking with authority still appropriate?

And when does speaking with authority become “mansplaining” and offensive to those around us?

The cultural roles that used to guide men have broken down. This is a good thing, as those old roles forced us into rigid expectations that didn’t allow for our full authenticity, let alone all the negative effects the patriarchy forced onto women.

But in the wake of this breakdown of gender roles, the Me Too movement, increased personal responsibility, and the heightened stress of modern life, men often find ourselves unsure of how to connect, to the detriment of our relationships and our careers. We get mixed messages about how to hold and express our personal power, which can devastate our partnerships,...

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