Silver Level Membership

 This is my most economical package. I created the Silver Level Membership program for:

1. Returning clients who understand the basics of BreakThrough Tools and see vaalue in having a monthly facilitated session to help cultivate ongoing BreakThrough Moments, which keeps life flowing in a positive direction. 

2. Clients who are highly motivated to work with me, but lack that financial resources to commit to my intensive programs. My programs aren't cheap, because I've invested the past 12 years and a lot of resources into extensive training so that I can deliver amazing result to my clients. 

You've likely tried many routes to achieve the personal transformation that you desire. But transformation is NOT easy. It requires tolerating a higher level of discomfort. It also requires a series of BreakThroughs in order to change your experience of yourself and the world. To get a different result in the outer world of career, finances, emotions, relationships, or health, you must cultivate inner shifts in consciousness. You simply cannot stay the same person on the inside, with all the same triggers, sabotage behaviors, and ways of perceiving and expect a different result.

As a BreakThrough Coach,  I facilitate people to transform their lives. I have many tools and structured processes that I've used to lead or co-lead over 40 residential retreats, hundreds of group sessions, and thousands of live and online individual coaching sessions with people who are motivated (and often resistant) to change.

Through this facilitation experience, along with a ton of training, I've learned ALOT about cultivating BreakThroughs. I needed these BreakThroughs for my own life and now I teach courses that train people how to cultivate consistent BreakThroughs for themselves.

I utilize a somatic-based coaching process that is GUARANTEED to help you create the BreakThroughs required to take you to the next level of your life...OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

The BreakThrough Circle Silver Level Membership Program includes:

  • ONE 60 min session of Private One-on-One BreakThrough Coaching. This is a $225 value and is the primary benefit of this program.
  • Invitations to periodic BONUS live online Group Coaching, offered at various times throughout the year. This is a $100 value and is an added bonus of the program. If you can't make the group coaching session, don't will be recorded so that you can watch or listen to it at your convenience. This allows you to learn from the vulnerability and courage of others who are doing their work and modeling Transformation.
  • Option to join the Private BreakThrough Circle FB Group
  • 10% off the retail (not discounted) price of any of our courses. When a published course price is already discounted more than 10%, you will receive the larger published discount instead.

The tools you'll learn empower you to:

  • Re-pattern ways of being that get in the way of creating the life of your dreams
  • Nurture Breakthroughs in thinking and feeling so that you can take your health, career, and relationships to the next level
  • Learn to hold and relate to yourself in new, healthier ways 

You will be able to:

  • Attune your Presence to help you manage your feelings and make better decisions 
  • Engage within a Transformational Community for encouraging, positive feedback that is designed to shift how you see yourself, how you navigate conflict, and how you find the courage to take action on your dreams
  • Utilize Deep Insight tools to tap into your unconscious fears and desires so that you can make sense of your life and change from the inside out, allowing you to powerfully move ahead in places you've been stuck for years
  • Up-level your self-care to include Advanced Nurturing that is attuned to your specific unmet needs. This allows you to begin to take better care of yourself, stop sabotaging, feel worthy of success, and find work-life balance
  • Reparent your inner child so that you feel safer and more loved, allowing you to stop holding back so that you can show up with ease and confidence in the world
  • Practice Radical Self-Love to promote connectedness within yourself and with others, so you can live and walk with an open heart and give yourself permission to create your life how YOU want it, while achieving MORE success in the world
  • Re-Story your life to escape the confines of your limited beliefs that no longer serve you. This enables you to believe in yourself at a whole new level and become a conscious, empowered co-creator of your life...someone who blesses the world

These are BOLD claims. To deliver on them, you must do inner work that changes the way you relate to yourself. How else could transformation possibly happen? It's an inside-out process that requires a system with easy-to-use, reliable tools that repattern the internal dynamics within you...the limiting beliefs, the low self-esteem, the disconnectedness, the fear of rejection, the abandonment wounds, and the deep shame that comes with growing up as a human, in families and cultures that are less than ideal. These are the things that cause us to feel unsafe, unloved, and unworthy. This is what is getting in the way of you leading the life of your dreams.

Are you willing to do the work? It's not quite as scary as it sounds...this is the gentle path of transformation, where we love ourselves well.

You may be wondering...what does loving yourself have to do with your current life issues?

Here's my condensed explanation:

We all made decisions when we were very young...innocent decisions about ourselves that aren't fully true, decisions that were driven by the fear and anxiety of a very young mind responding to scary circumstances and on some level, taking the blame for them. Because that's what children do. We've unconscously organized our lives around trying to not have to feel these uncomfortable feelings...and this keeps us stuck...stuck in patterns that don't serve anyone.

What's required is for us to FEEL and RELEASE the feelings we've unconsciously been afraid to feel. To feel our anger and to honor the wisdom in it. To feel our sadness and to grieve the loss. To feel our shame...because we all carry feelings of shame and no one is teaching our children how to process and integrate it in a health way. And it's killing us...driving us to drink and treat ourselves, each other, and our planet horribly. These unfelt, unprocessd, unintegrated feelings are severely limiting what's possible in your life.

This path is a path of loving ourselves well. It sounds simple, but our egos are very attached to staying the same...attached to our pain and our stuckness. This is why we need the support of training and skilled facilitation...

Your facilitator is me, James Mayfield Smith, BreakThrough Coach and founder of,, and I have extensive experience leading transformation-focused events in the US and abroad. I am a pioneer in harnessing mythic, imaginal, shamanic, somatic, and bio-energetic tools to shift inner landscape dynamics in ways that transform one's experience of outer circumstances. A gifted facilitator, I provide my unique genius for supporting and guiding you closer to yourself so that you can discover the  breakthroughs that await you within.

 I am exceptional at what I do. I holds space for you and guide you gently and with incredible precision and skill to discover what is asking for your attention in your life and why. These one-on-one sessions allow RAPID growth in your life. This is one-on-one work with a skilled facilitator who guides you to utiize mythic, imaginal, shamanic, somatic, and bio-energetic tools. These tools take you beneath your normal awareness so you can gain the insights from within that are needed to fuel your BreakThroughs. 

My programs feature online training, coaching, and interactive discussion
other highly motivated students learning to see, hear, and hold themselves in new ways.

The sessions utilize the most up-to-date, easy to use, yet highly engaging technology tools. Don't let the technology piece hold you back from your next BreakThrough...the learning platform we use is so easy that we've had people in our courses who've had very little computer experience before. You click the Zoom link to join the live web-based sessions. To watch the replays or access the online resources, simply log in, click the correct module from the table of contents, and play the videos. We'll provide whatever training you need to make sure that the technology works for you...even if computers are scary for you.

In the group coaching sessions or replay videos, you get to witness skilled group coaching with like-minded participants. Your fellow BreakThrough Circle  members are trained how to support you and one another really well as they cultivate their own unique BreakThroughs. You get to see real people employing the tools and practices and sharing from their hearts about the results they are getting. This peek into real transformation in diverse ways is encouraging and provides models for you to utilize the tools for your own life. 

The BreakThrough Circle Membership Program is our ecomony package for those on a limited budget but committed to taking their life to the next level...committed to becoming the possibility that is wanting to come through them. One private session per month with a skilled BreakThrough coach, in conjunction with a monthly Group Coaching session, a supportive Facebook group, and ongoing committed BreakThrough practices creates a powerful container for creating the life that is possible for you.

BreakThrough Circle Facebook Group 

This is a private, confidential, managed membership site for community
support during the duration of your membership. This allows you to access our Transformational Community...a like-minded group of people who are in the membership program, currently in a course, or who have taken our courses in the past. This support inspires you and helps you to you integrate the learning as you go along.

Guaranteed BreakThrough & 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We fully believe in this program and the BreakThrough results promised. If you do not experience ongoing BreakThroughs within the program...ones that have a real and lasting effect on your life and that you deem to be worth the money you've invested, then simply let me know so I can refund your most recent month's paid membership fee. I'll simply ask for valuable feedback on how I can further improve the course.

I look forward to serving you as you cultivate your BreakThroughs! 



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