Inner Child BreakThrough

Why Is This Work So Effective?

As children, we all made decisions about ourselves and the world while still very young in response to the nurturing and care (or lack of) that we received growing up. These were innocent decisions about ourselves that aren't fully true, decisions that were driven by the fear and anxiety of a very young mind responding to scary circumstances and on some level, taking the blame for them. Because that's what children do. We've unconscously organized our lives around trying to not have to feel these uncomfortable feelings...and this keeps us stuck...stuck in patterns that don't serve anyone.

What's required is for us to FEEL and RELEASE the feelings we've unconsciously been afraid to feel. To feel our anger and to honor the wisdom in it. To feel our sadness and to grieve the loss. To feel our shame...because we all carry feelings of shame and no one is teaching our children how to process and integrate it in a health way. And it's killing us...driving us to drink and treat ourselves, each other, and our planet horribly. These unfelt, unprocessd, unintegrated feelings are severely limiting what's possible in your life.

This path is a path of loving ourselves well. It sounds simple, but our egos are very attached to staying the same...attached to our pain and our stuckness. This is why we need the support of training and skilled facilitation.

If you want to learn the PRACTICAL tools of how to work with your inner landscape in ways that will enable you to deliver on your wildest dreams, then this course is for you.

Is This Course Right For You?

You've likely had some amazing success in your life already. But maybe you've reached a plateau or keep bumping up against the same old emotional triggers, sabotage behaviors, or life-long patterns. You would like to nurture a breakthrough that will take you to the next level in your life.

But you're just NOT SURE HOW TO DO IT.
We know how to do it! We’ve taken this journey back to ourselves and we’d love to guide you on your own journey back to yourself.

This course is unique. We specialize in cultivating BreakThroughs. We've found that among all of our tools, that Somatic-Based Inner Child Work is the single most effective way to cultivate rapid, ongoing BreakThroughs that fundamentally change how we see, hear, and hold ourselves. And this is key, because changing our perceptions and our unconscious thinking and reacting changes EVERYTHING. It makes it possible to:

  • Relax chronic anxiety and find your confidence
  • Evolve fear and scarcity into feelings of trust and abundance
  • Transform disconnection and loneliness into a deep connection to yourself and others
  • Release shame and unworthiness so you can serve powerfully
  • Liberate yourself from feeling trapped so that you can cultivate an embodied sense of freedom and possibility

We include personal one-on-one Inner Child BreakThrough Coaching sessions so that you get the focused attention and specific results that you are looking for.

Skilled Inner Child Work Empowers You To:

  • Connect to your inner child, the part of you that holds the hurt and pain of childhood, and your playful innocence as well.
  • Give yourself more possibilities for new ways of being
  • Access greater capacity of self-compassion and self-care
  • Clarity your unmet needs to find out what is unconscious driving your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
  • Release limiting beliefs and discover new ones that work better for your life
  • Connect more deeply with yourself and then with others in positive nourishing ways
  • To become more wildly successful in your relationships, your career, and your finances.

Yes, these are BOLD claims. To deliver on them, you must do inner work that changes the way you relate to yourself. How else could transformation possibly happen? It's an Inside-Out process that requires a system with easy-to-use, reliable tools that repattern the internal dynamics within you...the limiting beliefs, the low self-esteem, the disconnectedness, the fear of rejection, the abandonment wounds, and the deep shame that comes with growing up as a human, in families and cultures that are less than ideal. These are the things that cause us to feel unsafe, unloved, and unworthy. This is what is getting in the way of you leading the life of your dreams. No one is being served well by you staying small.

Are you willing to do the work? It's not quite as scary as it sounds...this is the gentle path of transformation, where we love ourselves well.


Course Includes:

3 In-Depth Online Course Modules
Your course leader is James Mayfield Smith, BreakThrough Coach and founder of and James has done this work for the past ten years and has led over 40 weekend or week-long residential transformation-focused retreats in the US and abroad. James is a pioneer in harnessing mythic, imaginal, shamanic, somatic, and bio-energetic tools to shift inner landscape dynamics in ways that transform one's experience of outer circumstances. A gifted facilitator, James will provide his unique genius for supporting and guiding you closer to yourself so that you can discover the transformational empowerment breakthroughs that await you within.

Each two-hour session can be viewed within your online course platform. These recorded sessions feature online training, coaching, and interactive discussion
 with a class of about a dozen highly motivated students learning to see, hear, and hold themselves in new ways. The sessions utilize the most up-to-date, easy to use, yet highly engaging technology tools.

You get to witness highly effective BreakThrough Strategy training, Group Coaching and smaller Breakout Room engagement with like-minded participants who support one another well.

Private Inner Child BreakThrough Coaching One-on-One Sessions

These are Personalized BreakThrough Coaching sessions with James Mayfield Smith, focused on the specific Inner Child tools that will accelerate the BreakThroughs you are nurturing. James is very good at what he does. He holds space for you and guides you to gently and with incredible precision to discover what is asking for your attention in your life and why. These one-on-one sessions allow RAPID growth in your life. This is one-on-one work with a skilled facilitator who guides you to utiize mythic, imaginal, shamanic, somatic, and bio-energetic tools that take you beneath your normal awareness so that you can gain the insights from within you that are needed to fuel your breakthroughs.

You have THREE Options!

SILVER LEVEL: TWO 60 min Private Coaching Sessions
The SILVER level is our beginner economy package for those on a limited budget but committed to taking their life to the next doing the inner work needed to be able to show up and serve in the ways they long to. THREE previously recorded course sessions (6 hours of training) plus TWO private one-on-one BreakThrough Coaching sessions creates a good foundation for creating the life that you know is possible for you.

GOLD LEVEL: SIX 60 min Private Coaching Sessions
The GOLD level is a deeper commitment to yourself, to nurturing your Inner Child BreaThroughs, and to becoming able to shine your light in a bigger way in the world. This package provides the THREE previously recorded course sessions (6 hours of training) plus FIVE private one-one-one BreakThrough Coaching sessions plus it also includes an additional bonus final Next Steps for Your Life integration session.

DIAMOND LEVEL: TEN 60 min Private Coaching Sessions
The DIAMOND Level is for those who are ready and able to invest in themselves at a level that allows for deep exploration and integration of themselves so that that they can truly make a diffierence in the world. This package includes THREE previously recorded course sessions (6 hours of training) and NINE individual BreakThrough Coaching sessions, plus a bonus final Next Steps for Your Life integration session AND and additional BONUS session explained below. Each session builds upon each breakthrough to create consistent, rapid changes in one's life. Like all of the packages, it is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee, which is explained in detail below.

BreakThrough Circle Facebook Group
Private, Confidential, Managed membership site for community support during the duration of your course plus an additional year. This allows you to access Transformational Community with others who are also taking the course or have done similar inner work in the past. This support helps you to you integrate the learning over the next year. $300 value

Your Investment for the BreakThrough Circle Course

In the past, our Silver Level courses have usually cost $997-$1,997, depending on the course.
This includes TWO private 60 min coaching sessions plus THREE two hour recorded training sessions (six hours of training total).
Tuition, however is JUST $997  $397!
You save $600!

In the past, our GOLD Level courses have usually cost $1,997-$2,997, depending on the course. This includes FIVE private 60 min coaching sessions PLUS a bonus Next Steps for Your Life integration session, for a total of SIX sessions in all plus THREE two hour recorded training sessions (six hours of training total).
Tuition, however is JUST $1,997  $997!
You save $1000!

In the past, our DIAMOND Level courses usually cost $2,997-$3,997, depending on the course. This package includes NINE private 60 min coaching sessions PLUS a bonus Next Steps for Your Life integration session, PLUS A 3 HOUR DEEP DIVE INNER TEENAGER session ($597 additional value) for a total of 13 hours of individual work plus THREE two hour recorded training sessions (six hours of training total). The 3 hour Inner Teenager Deep Dive session is only available for Diamond Level members, as it is an advanced training.
Tuition, however is JUST $2,997 +$597= $3,594 value $1,997
You save $1,597!


To help you commit to your own success today, we're offering the following FREE FAST ACTION Bonus One-on-One Sessions for a limited number of people who enroll immediately:

Presence as Access to Transformation Bonus Session
Any increase in consciousness must begin with an increase in our ability to be Present with ourselves, because our Presence is the doorway through which any inner work must pass.. Inner Child work is a specific type of's a way of allowing our higher self to reparent our younger selves. The more Presence we can bring to this process, the better the tools will work. This Presence as Access to Transformation bonus session is a recorded interview and discussion with Mike George, Pactitioner of Shamatha, Vipassana, and Shikantaza meditation and owner of Cafe Gratitude of Kansas City. Mike offers seminars on meditation and transformation. This highly-engaging philosophical discussion with Mike and James lays the foundation for understanding Presence, Transformation, Shadow Work, Resistance, and Healing. Available in video format as well as MP3 audio format for listening during commutes. $100 value, included at no charge.

Guaranteed Breakthrough

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We fully stand by our course and the breakthrough results we promise. If you do not experience an Inner Child BreakThrough within the course or do not feel satisfied for any reason, we will refund you your entire tuition. Simply let us know within 30 days and we'll process your refund.
It's a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

What are you waiting for?
Are you ready to finally say YES to give yourself the support you need to create the future you've always dreamed of...the future that allows you to SERVE in a BIG way?
If you are ready to join this supportive community and help us to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible...starting with yourself...then we are ready for you.


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