Somatic Sessions for Emotional Healing & Nervous System Integration:

Group Coaching w/ James

w/ James Mayfield Smith (& support from Elena & Amy)


Join any 2nd-5th Thurs (NOT 1st Thurs) from Noon-2:30pm ET in June, July & Aug 2023 (Eastern US Time) via Zoom

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Join James, along with his special guests and other amazing humans for facilitated SOMATIC  JOURNEYS & structured BREAKTHROUGH PROCESSES 

 Discover Practices to:


  • HEAR the Messages of the Body
  • Find CLARITY from Within
  • Alleviate ANXIETY
  • Nurture Inner SAFETY & CALM
  • Cultivate Authentic PERSONAL POWER


These tools work! 

They've changed our lives and the lives of our community members...the healers, sensitives, seekers, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and cultural pioneers that are drawn to this work.

We're grateful for the opportunity to share them with you in community. 


Who are you beyond the emotional challenges you're now facing?


A lot of us still live inside emotional challenges that are outdated.

Likely, we've made strides in several areas of our lives already. Yet there's always that one persistent struggle that continues to overshadow our progress, preventing us from experiencing the quality of life we truly deserve. And that one pesky issue robs us of the quality of life we could have if we could just move past it.

We've tried numerous strategies, some of which offered temporary relief, but somehow we find ourselves getting stuck again and again. We might even have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, yet we become our own worst enemy when it comes to this particular issue. The energy within us just can't seem to aligning with what's best for our well-being, leaving us feeling afraid that we may never reach our full potential.


But truthfully...

it's not your fault!  


We can't resolve our core life wounds through willpower alone. We're dealing with unconscious forces that reside within our nervous system. We need to get below our conscious awareness to reach them.

This is where somatic-based modalities come into play. Body-based tools are able to reach these emotional issues that live within the body and nervous system.  

When we combine a somatic approach with natural altered states journey work (we use breathwork to get there), we create an ideal environment for emotional healing.

We can unlock benefits similar to those offered by plant medicines, without subjecting ourselves to their potentially adverse effects.

Add some highly effective shadow work processes, structured BreakThrough tools, a shamanic initiatory lens and some skillful facilitation magic to the inquiry ...

...and we find ourselves starting to feel very


James is a seasoned Somatic BreakThrough Coach with 17 years of experience. His expertise lies in helping people FIND, FEEL & HEAL a wide range of life struggles through somatic and emotional healing techniques.


Curious? To learn more or to experience the magic firsthand, come check out what we're up to!

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What are the journey sessions like? 

The innovative format is designed to cultivate somatic & emotional breakthrough moments, while working in a trauma-informed way that honors the human nervous system.

In practice, it looks like a highly-interactive 2 1/2 hour zoom call with a strong community support orientation and a focus on gathering and clarifying new inner wisdom from the unconscious, which is stored in your body.


A typical session

An example of a typical session...

James opens the circle with a welcome to those new to our community. He introduces himself & somatic emotional healing & then we begin establishing a supportive container for the group.

We pass the mike for a round of brief're always free to pass. Those who choose speak into the circle with our motivation for joining, the area we wish to work on & any specific questions we have about somatic practices or emotional healing work.

We address any themes emerging plus anything needed to cultivate group safety.

Natural altered states work

Next, we introduce natural altered states work, Somatic BreakThrough Dialogue & and other essential processes.

We begin our descent into journey space. We utilize specific breathwork patterns designed to:

 a) magnify our perceptual sensitivity of our internal experience

b) induce a natural mild altered state that is optimal for emotional healing work.

This guided somatic journey takes you into the slow-motion felt sense of the body. The sensations you feel become the entry point into the wisdom of your body. It's a literal doorway into a journey space within you. 

Much can be accomplished in this empowered space

  • You can find deep wisdom and clarity from your unconscious. It shows up often during  journeys.
  • You can feel the hurts and stresses held in the body in ways that release them. These commonly avoided sensations contain messages of wisdom that we can integrate, which helps release the tension and promote emotional flow.
  • You can somatically explore the mind-emotion-body connection in real time.
  • You can listen to and dialogue with a variety of powerful energies that are within everyone (critical voice, hurt child, angry teen, hurt lover) in surprisingly effective and healing ways.
  • You can listen to and then release stuck, stagnant energy. You will literally move energy in your body in somatically more intelligent ways that are deeply nourishing and healthy.

We conclude the guided journey and offer an opportunity to share our experiences.

Live Demo

1-on-1 Somatic Facilitation

James will provide a live demonstration of going deeper with individual facilitation. (30 minutes)
  • Some people like to watch and take notes. Others prefer to go into their own side journey experience.
  • We follow up with an interactive discussion, allowing opportunity to share experiences and insights at your own comfort level.
  • We offer opportunities to explore impact of the work, immediate applications, and next steps.
  • In a breakout room, we get to connect with one another 1-on-1, to discuss the work's impact and share how they can immediately incorporate it into our lives. 
  • Our checkout round involves insights & appreciations before closing of the journey session container.

We heal at depth from the inside out. These sessions go profound and deep, while also keeping a spirit of playful fun and caring encouragement. Join us for an exploration of self-discovery and growth!

Simplest 2 Options:

Most Affordable

Participant ($50):  This ticket grants you access to interactive group somatic training, guided breathwork journeys into slightly altered states of consciousness that are ideal for emotional healing, group discussions, live somatic facilitation demos, and engaging breakout rooms where you can connect with fellow participants one-on-one for conversations about the work. This option offers an affordable path for the curious newbie to somatic healing work. Join us to gain cutting-edge tools for emotional healing. For more details, see the description below under "Group Session: Participant."

$50 ticket

Most Impactful

This option is limited to just TWO people per session.

Individually Facilitated ($95):  This ticket includes all the benefits of a Participant ticket, along with a dedicated 25 minute individual somatic facilitation session. During this time, you'll receive focused guidance from James while others bear witness to your personal exploration or embark on their own inner side journeys. Choose this option if you have a specific inquiry you would like to delve into with James' experienced facilitation. For more details, see the description below under "Group Session w/ Individual Facilitation."

$95 ticket
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Do You Prefer


Journey Sessions?

One-on-One Facilitation




If you prefer the privacy of 1-to-1 work, you can work with James directly. This 85 min session ($198 per hour) offers ONE Powerful 1-on-1 BreakThrough Facilitation session via zoom or phone. It's a monthly recurring subscription (No contract. Cancel anytime. Never lose a session. Always get what you pay for.) You get individual support from a highly skilled Somatic BreakThrough Facilitator with precise facilitation focused on your specific needs.

Any stress and trauma you hold in your body takes up space within you and this literally narrows the channel that allows your full expression to shine forth. Precise somatic facilitation gets to the root of these stresses, traumas and places where you tense up from life. Good facilitation engages these stress points in ways that cultivate deep healing.

When you do this work, you leave feeling lighter, more free, and more like the YOU that you know is possible. If this is your FIRST individual session with James, you can access a one-time introductory session for just $100 by clicking HERE. If you are a returning client, click the link below.

One-on-One Journey




This is the package that most of James' clients choose. It's a monthly recurring subscription (No contract, you can cancel anytime.) It includes a Money-Back Guarantee.  Give me four 85 min sessions of your time and your engagement in the process and if you don't get a significant BreakThrough around your issue, you can request a refund. This package Includes FOUR Powerful 85 min 1-on-1 BreakThrough Journey sessions (one session per week, $166 per hour) that feature guided journey work, nervous system integration, inner child healing, mother wound/father wound healing, core wound work, emotional healing of fear/anger/grief/shame, inner safety cultivation (to reduce anxiety & overwhelm), inner power development, deep insight training, authentic relating tools and conflict resolution for relationships & navigating life transitions gracefully...All gently facilitated to your specific needs. BONUS: When you are a weekly client, you get real-time text support. This is a game-changer for those triggered moments. Progress speeds up a lot when you have a BreakThrough Coach on speed dial.

4-Pack of One-on-One Journeys


Want help choosing the right option for you?


Don't can reach out to James or Elena for assistance making the best choice for you and your situation. Click a link below.


Elena Lake Polozova

@relic_radiation on Twitter


James Mayfield Smith

Somatic BreakThrough Coach

@JamesMayfield on Twitter

Text:  816. 645. 2600


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Meet James

 James' extensive training, caring heart, curious mind, deep creativity, and playful spirit enable him to facilitate deep and lasting change in people's lives.

James' early life experiences of physical abuse, emotional neglect, social anxiety, experiences with bullies, teen pregnancy, and relational trauma...and his journey of healing...make him ideally suited for this work. An early mid-life crisis (17 years ago, in his early thirties) and a year of deep grief & healing required him to seek out support to go deep to resolve his unmet emotional needs. Somatic work changed him at depth. At 50, he's now living his purpose offering these tools to others seeking emotional healing so that they, too, can offer their gifts to the world in a way that's aligned to their inner wisdom.

Meet Elena

Elena is our social media strategist and community member. Elena has used somatic breakthrough tools for the past 2 1/2 years to transform her own nervous system regulation and attachment patterns. She's an MIT-grad turned Esalen-trained bodyworker who understands the heavy toll that stress takes on bodies and spirits. Encouraged by the success she's found with these tools, she is an advocate for this work. Elena offers massage, nervous system support & emotional replenishment for clients in the Asheville, NYC, and SF Bay areas. Learn more about Elena at

Meet Amy

Amy is our FB Platform Manager, community member & enthusiastic evangelist. Amy has used Somatic Breathwork Dialogue & other BreakThrough tools for the past 5 years. Her soul journey has led her to service as a life guide & coach, as a sound healer and facilitator of journeys & retreats, and as the podcast co-host of Magical Mystical Journeys. Find her at