Healing the WILDMAN 2018 Gathering

Connect with Mother Earth

Connect with Healthy Men

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An immersive weekend of Earth/Air/Fire/Water Elemental Initiations designed to get you out of your head and into your heart, centered, embodied, conscious, and deeply connected

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Here are the top 3 reasons to join the Healing the Wildman Gathering.

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Join a community of safe and conscious men to experience deep brotherhood and cutting edge men's work with highly-skilled facilitation 


Emotional BreakThroughs bring clarity, freedom, personal power & emotional well-being


Restore the deep connection that is possible when you feel connected to Mother Earth and held by Life so that your passion, your love, and your wild nature are flowing freely

If you are being called to this work, then join us for this one-of-a-kind opportunity


 Healing the WILDMAN 2018 Gathering 

Fri-Sun Aug 24-26, 2018

Just $490

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Registration ends Fri, Aug 17, 2018

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Important Upcoming 2018 Wildman Dates: 


THURS AUG 23 at 7am: Carpool and caravan leaves from Kansas City for the 13 hr drive to Asheville, NC, for those interested in joining

FRI-SUN AUG 24-26: Optional Live Wildman Gathering near Asheville, NC

Wildman Gathering 

Fri-Sun  Aug 24-26, 2018

Cutting edge men's work in the smoky mountains near Asheville, NC. Join us to cultivate a deep connection to yourself, to the earth, and to healthy men . . . at a very economical $490 cost (less when bundled with the online course)!

The Healthy Wildman

The healthy Wildman is a powerful, healing archetypal energy that a man has access to when he feels safe, connected, and capable. When a man has unmet needs around one of these areas, his life will show symptoms of the unmet need.

This is million dollar advice...Look for the unmet needs and you will find a route to rapid transformation.

These are the types of safety, connection, and power that men need feel secure in the world:

  •  SAFETY:   Physical, emotional, and spiritual
  •  CONNECTION:   To the earth, to his environment, to people around him, and most of all, to himself
  • POWER:  Able to handle what life brings to him without collapsing into shame or overcompensation 

When a man's early family environment dynamics and life circumstances interfere with getting any of these needs met, then his behavior and his life will display symptoms of an unmet need.

These are a few symptoms of unmet needs:

Insecurity  Anxiety  Fear  Isolation   Playing Small   Defendedness   Rage   Shame   Addiction   Loneliness   Regret   Mistrust   Relationship Issues   Sadness


The Healing the Wildman Breakthrough Journey Online Course addresses these fundamentals. We provide powerful facilitated experiences that cultivate a state of deep safety, connection, and capacity so that your Wildman energy can flow freely.


A man in touch with his Wildman is deeply connected to nature and to himself.

He belongs in this world and he knows it in his bones.

He feels safe.

He feels connected to Mother Earth, to other men, to women, and most of all, to himself.

This brings him great courage.

This alignment to himself allows him to show up in an authentic way, with his full power and sovereignty.

And this brings him great freedom.

Wounded Masculinity 

Unfortunately, our western society doesn't support this kind of power and sovereignty. Our cultural and family conditioning gets in the way. Family, school, careers, and society all attempt to domesticate us and diminish our powerful masculinity. Those in authority often try to inhibit our full range of options and make us feel disconnected, guilty, and ashamed, so that we become easier to control or easier to sell products to. Our "leaders" rarely encourage us to claim our full power. The authority figures in our lives...parents, teachers, and well-meaning adults are themselves captives of a civilization overflowing with wounded, toxic masculinity. They perpetuate the patriarchy and often shut us down in our earliest attempts to stand up for what is right. And then we turn around and do it to our own kids.

Most men never learn how to channel our masculinity in healthy ways. We learn from a very young age to hold back, to play small, and to not shine too brightly, or else risk being humiliated. Or worse, we adopt the overcompensatory strategies of toxic masculinity, and we lose our authenticity or our depth and we become unsafe for others.

As we get older, the peers we grow up with usually shame us in similar ways to how they were shamed at home.  We get it from all sides...

All this shame and effort to contain our free spirit and wild nature costs us dearly. Our health, our passion, and our vitality all suffer when we dim our light and hold back the genius that resides within.

The Solution

Accessing your Wildman is a way to recover your sovereignty and connect to a place within you that is already healed. When you learn how to presence yourself from this healthy masculine, rather than from the wounded masculine or the limits of your conditioning, your options expand. Such work brings tremendous personal power that we can use to say no to the things that don't serve us and to instead live a life that is meaningful for our unique path.

It really is possible for you to heal the cultural conditioning that keep you feeling unsafe, disconnected, exhausted, and disempowered, so that you can begin to give your full gifts to the world.

Your Guide for this Journey is James Mayfield Smith

BreakThrough Coach.  Facilitator.  Adventurer.

James Mayfield Smith is a highly-trained BreakThrough Coach and the founder of BreakThroughCircle.com. James has participated in advanced-level men's work for the past 12 years, has led over 40 transformation-focused retreats in the US and abroad and has personally facilitated over a thousand clients to transform key emotional dynamics in their lives. James discovered the healing power of men's work and inner work facilitation during a time of deep grief and shame in his own life. These tools changed his experience of himself at depth. James has a 27 year old son and a sixteen year old daughter and is deeply committed to helping the world become a safer and more magically adventurous place for men, women, boys, and girls...one BreakThrough at a time. His work lives this mission.

James is a pioneer in harnessing mythic, imaginal, shamanic, somatic, and bio-energetic tools to shift one's inner landscape in ways that change the experience of outer circumstances. His specialty is working with a client’s central nervous system and somatic wisdom to cultivate a BreakThrough Moment, because experiencing a BreakThrough is the most rapid and powerful way to shift a life-long pattern. A gifted facilitator, James provides his unique genius for supporting and guiding you closer to yourself so that you can discover the transformational BreakThroughs that await. Robert Six Owls and additional Wildman co-founders will also join some sessions to bring their brilliance to this course as well.

Program Packages

All course package offerings include:

  • 7 weeks of live online training and support using tools designed to cultivate emotional BreakThroughs in your life.
  • Small group and partner work breakout sessions to connect with other like-minded men in a  safe and highly impactful way
  • Easy-to-use, engaging Zoom technology to learn, connect, share, and receive feedback


The Gold and Diamond Packages also include:

  • A ticket to the optional Aug 24-26, 2018 Wildman Gathering near Asheville, NC
  • One-on-one BreakThrough Coaching focused on nurturing the specific BreakThroughs you are looking for

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Healing the Wildman Gathering Payment Options



Per MONTH for 6 months

OR $1182 $897 Upfront


  • 7 Week Interactive Online Course ($997 value)
  • One 60 minute BreakThrough Coaching session ($225 value)
  • Ticket to Aug 24-26 Wildman Gathering  ($490)

I'm ready for an ADVENTURE


Per MONTH for 6 months

OR $1782 $1497 Upfront


  • 7 Week Interactive Online Course ($997 value)
  • Five One-on-One BreakThrough Coaching sessions ($1,125 value)

  • Ticket to Aug 24-26 Wildman Gathering    ($490 value)

My life is about to TRANSFORM

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