FREE! Somatic Journeys for Emotional Healing (Recorded & Shared Publicly)

Join James and other amazing humans as we engage with master somatic facilitation & structured BreakThrough processes. Learn practices that facilitate emotional healing, resolve anxiety & physical pain, cultivate inner safety, foster confidence, and develop authentic power.

This free ticket grants you access to interactive group somatic training, guided breathwork journeys into altered states of consciousness ideal for emotional healing, group discussions, live somatic facilitation demos & engaging breakout rooms where you can connect with fellow participants one-on-one for conversations about the work. Join us to gain cutting-edge tools for emotional healing.

After you click the link, you'll receive a link to schedule your free session on the next First Thursday afternoon (noon-2:30pm ET) that works for your schedule.

Why we offer this for free: On the first Thursday of each month, we offer an entirely free session so that those who are unable to afford this work can participate. It's part of our commitment to making somatic journeys & emotional healing accessible to anyone who seeks healing. It's also a great option for newbies to somatic healing work who are curious but not sure if it's for them. The catch is that we record the session and part or all of it will be utilized for a training program and posted publicly for others to learn about this kind of work. If you wouldn't go onto a reality show and share about your emotional life, then this is NOT the option for you. instead, check out our affordable options ($50 & $95) that offer privacy.

That said, if you attend and something too vulnerable for you comes up, you can request that portion to be edited out. We don't want to put anything out into the world that causes your heart to clench.

This free ticket grants you everything that the $50 option offers, without the privacy. 

If you prefer a private, paid journey, Third Thurs (Nov 2 & Dec 7, 2023 & Jan 4, 2024) are not recorded and are $50 per journey (see web page for link). 

James's work includes but is not limited to the subjects below. If you have interest in these areas, we invite you to join us!

    * Nervous system integration

    * Inner child healing

    * Mother wound / Father wound healing

    * Core wound work

    * Emotional healing of Fear/Anger/Grief/Shame

    * Inner safety cultivation

    * Inner power development

    * Deep insight training

    * Authentic relating tools and conflict resolution for relationships

    * Navigating life transitions gracefully

See you in session!

James (w/ support from Elena & Amy)

Elena Lake Polozova
@relic_radiation on Twitter
James Mayfield Smith
BreakThrough Coach
@JamesMayfield_ on Twitter
816. 645. 2600