Emotional Skills & Healing:  Somatic Group Coaching 

with James Mayfield Smith
(& support from Elena)


join any Tuesdays 1-3:30 pm ET or Wednesdays 10am-12:30 pm ET

Jan, Feb & March 2023, Eastern US Time, on Zoom

as single sessions or a four-pack.

Who are you beyond the emotional challenges you assumed you'd have forever?

Most people are living inside outdated emotional challenges that no longer need to be emotional challenges. James - a somatic coach with a decade of experience - has the emotional-somatic skills to help people grow through, alchemize, and resolve many of these. Come hang out!

We say this not in a “you're bad, you should stop having these challenges because you need fixing" way, but in a “here’s a low-hanging way to be nice to yourself and upgrade your quality of life, should that sound like something you'd enjoy” sort of way.

What do the sessions look like?

It’s a 2.5 hour zoom call, with James and four participants max. We start with a round of check-ins to open the circle, and then the remaining time is split so each participant receives an equal-length of 1-1 somatic coaching time with James, which the other participants witness. Other participants can follow along in their own processes, or may be invited to reflect.

After everyone has received their coaching time – which, with four participants works out to 30 minutes each, and with fewer participants works out to longer – we do a circle closing activity to check out.

Our mission with this small group format is twofold. First, it’s to make quality emotional support accessible at a lower price point than a full 1-1 session with James. Secondly: the group format works particularly well for healing shame and isolation wounding. The presence of supportive witnesses directly contradicts internal narratives like “nobody cares about me except this person I’m paying!!” - everyone here values emotional attunement, and feeling that field can be powerful. You may also see others feel - and resolve - problems you thought you were alone in!

hop on in

We've got some options. Also, you can check availability (click this link) - 



Pop in one time to see what’s up and if it’s a fit for you! Or perhaps one time is already enough to meet you where you’re at and unblock you.

Totally chain these together for two or three or more sessions too, if you like.

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For deeper emotional inquiry, resolution, and unfolding. By the end of this you can expect to feel new sensations and perspectives you haven't felt before, and shifts towards showing up in ways that feel better for you in the world. If you want to alchemize deepseated emotional patterns - whether internal or relational - we recommend this option.


Also, it’s nice to see the same faces a few times! Builds trust, comfort, and intimacy.

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James is a somatic and emotional healing coach. Some people prefer the privacy of 1-1 work, though I (Elena) personally find that group work is good for being witnessed, witnessing others, and feeling far less alone.

That said, if you'd like to work with James directly, here's how you can do that. He also offers single standalone sessions, for $297, (here).

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More info - what do you mean by "emotional healing"?

Hello! Context for these sessions is, I (Elena) was inundated in emotional chronic pain a year ago. Starting in 2017 I'd discovered the world of mental health, and tried out many therapists but found some lack of "click" with many of them.

I met James last year and found his work got more directly to the heart of things. My very first session, my psoas told me to be angry (by dumping out half my uterus, I was on my period) and...well, that started an anger journey I needed to have and had somehow missed.

Here is a link to all my notes from last year's round of these sessions, so that you can see what they're like.

What's in scope for these sessions?

Any emotion at all that you'd like to move through, or any relationship or life situation you find challenging. What if all your emotions were your allies? Grief, numbness, panic, despair, anxiety, depression, rage, shame - bring it with you, it's all wisdom.

Also, we're the same two people that ran How To Have Conversations With Your Body And Why Most People Don't (link) so if that subject intrigues you, let us know when you arrive and we can walk you through that listening-to-your-body process as well.

I've mostly envisioned this as "office hours with James." Bring a query, something you're working through. Examples can be: "I feel this creeping sense of dread in my awareness all the time" or "I'm so mad at my dad and always have been" or "I feel restless and dissatisfied at work" or "my arm hurts, can we ask it why?" or of course, something entirely your own that I haven't yet listed.

Or, if you don't know what in particular you want to tend to, James can also help you query your body to see what it's asking of you. Or, a third option - if you just want to watch others do emotional work, and sit back yourself, that's cool too!

This entire sentence links to my my notes from the first round of these sessions, click it for context, to see what sorts of subjects came up and energies moved in the last round!

I started out attending these sessions myself, in a 'host' role, but for January and February 2023 James will carry the torch himself, as I step out to focus energy on creating asynchronous educational material for How To Have Conversations With Your Body.